45 Stories About Recovering From Identity Theft

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Identity theft is an extremely frightening term, even more frightening are the statistics associated with the crime. Every 28 minutes, someone in the US falls victim to identity theft; and if that wasn’t scary enough, every 79 seconds a thief steals personal data, uses it to open false accounts, and goes on a buying spree. In 2009 alone, there were 11.1 million recorded reports of identity theft. This epidemic is affecting more than just the everyday individual; $22 billion a year are lost by businesses who also become victimized.

With the overwhelming power and technology of the Internet, many Americans believe the majority of theft occurs online; however, this is not the case. Being aware of the security risks of Internet usage may not be enough to keep you safe, 68% of identity theft still occurs by conventional methods; I.e.: stealing your mail, losing your wallet, etc. On average it takes a victim 12 months to even notice their identity has been stolen, allowing the damage already done to seem irrevocable. That being said, the road to recovery will not be a short one, but it will have an end. Each identity crime can be as unique as a set of fingerprints, but some of the same tips for prevention and recovery can be used in several separate occasions.

Here are a few stories of identity theft, along with informative sites to help defend, detect, and deter identity crimes.

  1. Wright-Patt Credit Union: Two women, who happened to be co-workers, found themselves victims of identity theft; both became aware while attempting to purchase new cars. This site highlights their stories, along with giving detailed advice on how to recover from this type of personal attack.
  2. Trusted ID: This identity theft protection company features an article on their blog about a billionaire identity theft victim. Forbes’ 45th wealthiest man in the world had his $1.4 million federal tax-return check stolen by an identity thief, visit the blog to see how.
  3. Rough Notes: This is an incredible story of a man who was sued for child support for a child born to a woman he had never met! An illegal alien had stolen his name and social security number and was using them to file his taxes, get a drivers license and apply for loans. The site also features helpful tips on how to prevent identity theft, and what to do in the event your identity is stolen.
  4. Identity Protection 101: Whether you are searching for education, protection, or restoration from identity theft; this site has it all. Also included are some interesting victim stories, including a woman who renewed her drivers license through the mail, and was shocked to receive her new license with someone else’s face on it.
  5. ID Expert: This blog site is run by a leading provider of identity theft protection and recovery services.
  6. KnightsBridge: This company, specializing in personal information security management and risk reduction, features a blog with articles on prevention, detection, and recovery from id theft.
  7. Identity Theft Manifesto: If you like videos, this is the site for you. This informative site features several videos on current scams, and how to recover should you fall victim to them.
  8. Sileo: John Sileo, an identity theft expert speaker, learned from experience, loosing $300,000 due to a data breach. Learn how he recovered along with some other tips on business security survival.
  9. Fight Identity Theft: Identity theft 101, featuring everything you need to know about id theft, including a section dedicated for viewers to post their id theft cases and ask the public for their opinions.
  10. Ask the Advisor: This blog features a 24-point recovery checklist for those who have been a victim of identity theft.
  11. Mahalo: How do you recover from identity theft? Check this page out for their six steps to recovery, along with a video from the Bureau of Consumer Protection.
  12. Identity Theft Fixes: This site features a collection of articles all geared to help in recovery from a criminal identity theft crime. Learn how to deal with debt collectors, prepare for possible IRS audits, and prove you are the victim.
  13. Fight Identity Theft: Visit this site to read their seven guidelines to id theft recovery, and find out how to limit your liability for any charges you may incur during the process.
  14. InfoFAQ: View such topics as, “Coping With ID Theft”, “Recovery Steps”, and “Re-establishing Credit” on this informative site filled with guides.
  15. The Survivors Club: When faced with identity theft it is important to remember that you are not alone. Visit the Survivors Club for helpful information on surviving and thriving through your journey.
  16. Infopackets: This step-by-step survival guide for victims of id theft suggests that while the attack can be quite traumatic, gaining your identity back doesn’t have to be as painful.
  17. Identity Theft Scenarios: Sometimes learning from others stories is the best way to prevent the same fate for yourself. Visit this site to review several identity theft stories, including those where the victims knew the thief, and others where it was a random act.
  18. BCS Alliance: Have you ever heard of someone stealing your identity to open credit cards, but paying all the bills on time, or paying them at all for that matter? Read about the IRS agent who did just that when she had trouble with her own credit.
  19. Identity Theft: The Michelle Brown Story: This woman’s plight with identity theft was the basis for a made-for-tv movie on the Lifetime channel.
  20. Bloomshare: Uncover links to personal stories of identity theft, and see how they all individually recovered from their attacks.
  21. Credit Report: Get help restoring your credit after an identity crime from this credit score site. Also features a newsletter with true stories of identity theft.
  22. Identity Theft Blog: This blog site contains plenty of useful information to aid in the road to recovery from identity fraud, included is a list with ten of the most unbelievable crime thefts.
  23. Give Me Back My Credit: Denise Richardson, consumers advocate and identity theft advisor, recounts her tale of credit fraud, which led to the sponsoring of a bill mandating monthly mortgage statements in Massachusetts.
  24. ITAC Blog: The Identity Theft Assistance Center hosts this blog site featuring news, opinion, advice, and ideas on the topic of identity theft.
  25. Chase ID Protection: See how these id theft victims found security and recovery with Chase’s Identity Protection.
  26. Security News Portal: This site features an article about a UK native who lost everything after an identity thief used his information to sign up for an Internet child-pornography site. Read his harrowing tale, and see how he is recovering.
  27. Ask Mr. Credit Card: Falling victim to an identity crime once is enough for one lifetime, imagine if two years after your first attack- it happens again. Read tips from a man who had exactly this happen to him.
  28. Identity Theft Blog: This site features tips to avoid identity theft, along with scam alerts, credit monitoring, and weekly identity fraud features.
  29. Identity Theft Secrets: Learn the secrets the identity thieves don’t want you to know.
  30. DateSmart: Learn how this woman recovered after her identity was when the mailing address on her bank statements was unknowingly changed.
  31. Your Evil Twin: This site is home to protection, resources, news and true accounts of identity theft.
  32. Bustathief: Visit this site to protect you and your finances from identity theft, money scams, mail fraud, job scams and other types of fraud.
  33. Security FAQs: Commonly asked Internet security questions are answered on this site.
  34. Privacy Matters: Learn how to recover and restore your identity if you ever become a victim, on this credit report site.
  35. CBC Radio Canada: Highlighted in this article are tips to avoid identity theft, signs that someone may be using your identity, and what to do if you’re a victim of identity fraud.
  36. Reviews on Life: This Lifelock reviews blog features five stories of nightmare identity thefts and the road to recovery that came after.
  37. Majestic Security: These id experts have posted compelling videos from everyday victims, along with messages from Hillary Clinton and their chairman, Deborah Platt Majors.
  38. Stop ID-Fraud: This is an amazingly well put together site with tons of information on every aspect of identity theft. Read real life stories, learn what and how of id theft, search through preventions facts, and find guidance for current victims, all on one site!
  39. Spyware Blockers: This man’s detailed account of his run-in with identity theft is compelling enough to see you through reading his entire ordeal.
  40. Identity Theft Action Plan: Use this site to find out what to do if you are a victim of identity theft, as well as read real life stories and view helpful resources and links.
  41. The Real Estate Bloggers: Professionals working in the real-estate business may find that they are at a higher risk for identity theft due to the high volume of marketing it takes to get your name out there. View these accounts of real estate workers who have been both victim and, in some cases, the thief!
  42. Daily Cup of Tea: These alleged stories of identity theft fueled some interesting responses from the blogging community on this site, some offer helpful tips for prevention and recovery.
  43. International Business Times: This article lists ten top tips to protect against identity theft.
  44. Realty Security: Robert Siciliano is a personal security and identity theft expert committed to educating the public in all realms of safety. He is CEO of ID Theft Security, and uses this site to promote prevention and recovery from victimization.
  45. The Good Human: This article presents information from the MSNBC Dateline show titled “To Catch An ID Thief”, along with an open invitation for others to share any information they may have from personal experience.

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