47 Identity Theft Horror Stories

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We all hear the horror stories of someone having their identity stolen.  It could be a co-worker, a friend or a family member who’s gotten hit.  And yet there are those of us who think it will never happen to them.

The chances of identity theft happening to you are greater than you think.  Following are a number of stories that cover many aspects of identity theft.  There are tales from those who have been impacted financially and those who have had their social network identity stolen and trashed.  Don’t be lax with your security. Do your utmost to not join the ranks whose lives have been ruined.

  1. Tales of Identity Theft This blog has links to various stories of identity theft.
  2. How a Blogger Got Their Identity Stolen A story about how a financial blogger’s identity was stolen.
  3. Various Stories and Links For Many Identity Theft Tales A wealth of horror stories as well as advice to fight back.
  4. Even Ben Bernanke’s Not Invulnerable The story of how Ben Bernanke’s identity got stolen.
  5. A Tale of Woe and Advice The author shares how his identity was stolen and gives advice on how to avoid it happening to you.
  6. Cancer Patient Falls Victim to Identity Theft A hospital worker steals a cancer patient’s information.
  7. Woman’s ID Stolen By Makeup Consultant A customer has her identity stolen by a rep from Arbonne.
  8. International Stories of Theft Random Israelis get struck by thieves and have their lives turned upside down.
  9. A Brief Brush With a Thief A consumer has their debit card number stolen and quickly stops the theft.
  10. Five people and their theft stories Varying degrees of identity theft losses.
  11. Victimized By Plastic Surgery A thief stole a card number for expensive plastic surgeries.
  12. Medical Identities Stolen Personal insurance information was stolen and used to receive medical treatment.
  13. Stolen Social Security Stories How people’s lives were ruined when their social security numbers were stolen.
  14. Various Stories of Theft Four stories of identity theft and the ensuing problems.
  15. Not Once – But Twice Two times an identity theft victim.
  16. Mysterious Charges Show Up Strange charges on the bill alert the author to possible identity theft.
  17. Identity Theft With a Lesson Lessons learned after having an identity stolen.
  18. Being Careful Doesn’t Always Work No matter what the author did, he still wound up with identity fraud.
  19. Finding out after the fact Stories from victims of ID theft.
  20. When The Holidays Hurt One woman’s experience with fraud and not knowing exactly where it came from.
  21. Details Years of Fighting With Institutions After a Theft Trying to get the banking institutions to believe he’s who he says he is.

Hacked Social Network Accounts – Their Stories and Their Fixes:

  1. Hacking a Popular Website How a popular blogger got her blog identity stolen.
  2. The Saga of a Hacked Yahoo and Facebook Account The author details her war with someone who’s hacked her account.
  3. A Blogger Shares Her Story of Being Facebook Hacked She admits that she made it easy for the hackers to achieve their goal.
  4. Keeping Hackers Out of Your Facebook Account Tips for ensuring that your account doesn’t get hacked.
  5. Restoring your hacked Facebook account Information on how to regain access after it’s been hacked.
  6. Restoring Your Twitter Account After a Hacking Tips on how to regain access to your account.

How Identity Theft Affects You and How to Prevent It:

  1. Helpful Tricks To Avoid Theft Use these tips to keep your information safe.  Part one of two.
  2. Identity Theft and Your Credit Score How you can go from having perfect credit to none.
  3. Preventing Theft While Travelling Most people are unaware that they’re at high risk for identity theft when on vacation.
  4. The Overall Effect of Identity Theft How identity theft can mess up your life.
  5. A Dozen Tips to Avoid Theft Good information to keep your identity uniquely yours.
  6. An Excellent Blog With Lots of Prevention Information Start at the top and work your way through for great tips.
  7. Tips For Avoiding Becoming a Victim A handful of ideas to consider.
  8. Avoidance Tips for College Grads Great advice on protecting credit for those just out of college.
  9. Identity Theft and the Workplace Employees steal sensitive information from their place of work.
  10. Laws Preventing Identity Theft A legal blog’s look at the current laws on the books.
  11. A thorough Blog on Prevention of Identity Theft Lots of great info on how to secure your privacy.
  12. Five Types of ID Theft Discusses methods of scammers who want to get your information.
  13. How Thieves Lift Information From the Unsuspecting A list of thieves routines for stealing your identity.
  14. How thieves get your information What thieves will do in order to get a hold of your personal information.
  15. Musings On Putting a Damper on Theft A lawyer puts his thoughts to stopping identity thieves.
  16. What to Do When You Suspect Theft Tips for stopping the bleeding as soon as possible.
  17. What Could Happen to You After Your Identity Was Stolen Possible and very real scenarios.
  18. Identity Theft Is On The Rise Now is the time to be as diligent as possible with your information.
  19. A lawyer Interprets New York State’s Identity Theft Law Laws protecting consumers in New York state when identity theft occurs.
  20. Andy Huff’s Identity Theft Experience Andy talks about his experience with identity theft.

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