47 Stories of Dumb Identity Theft Scams-and Why They Actually Worked!

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Identity theft is extremely common nowadays with the web and all the financial info being passed around on it, yet there are still some very dumb identity theft scams that people have fallen for.  It is amazing how some of the simplest things you do online can allow someone to steal your identity, and what is even more amazing is that some of these scams actually worked. Here are some interesting stories on various identity theft scams and why they worked.

  1. Cyber Coyote – This blog has a lot of information about identity theft, phishing, toll free scams and others and shares why people are attracted to these scams.
  2. Scambusters – This is a blog about identity theft scams that are popular and works more often than people want to admit.
  3. Beyond Identity Theft – This post discusses why some people are so easily scammed and how far the scams will go to prey upon them.
  4. Fraud Aid – This is a blog that pertains to secret shopper and check cashing identity scams and why they work.
  5. Identification Theft – This is a post about how people are scammed through their own admission of private information in various identity scams.
  6. IdentityTheft911 – This blog has stories about people who have been scammed through social networking and internet dating sites and lost more than a date.
  7. SpendonLife – This post features identity theft scams that offer people opportunities to work at home and why greed and lethargy play a big role in the success of these scams.
  8. Guardian – This article discusses the top 10 most successful identity theft scams in the UK right now and reasons why people fall for them.
  9. Wallet Pop – This is an informative article about identity theft scams that target children, particularly infants, senior citizens, and everyday people who think they can make a quick buck.
  10. Credit Identity safe – This is a blog about identity scams against the elderly, including victims stories, why they fall for these scams and how the scammers get what they want.
  11. Hoax & Scam Watch – This is a post that includes different examples of identity theft scams and personal stories of victims.
  12. Be Scam Free – This blog includes lots of different types of identity scams from very simple to very complex and the reasons why they are so effective.
  13. CashMoneyLife – This is a post about identity theft scams and how to avoid becoming a victim and learning from those who have already suffered losses.
  14. ITRC – This blog has new kinds of identity theft scams that have been using the names of government agencies and officials to seem more legitimate.
  15. idExperts – This blog features stories from victims and dispels common myths about identity theft scams.
  16. CFE-Arizona – This is a list and explanation of the “dirty dozen” or the dumbest identity scams that the state of Arizona has come across.
  17. essortment – This article has popular identity theft scams under the microscope, victim blunders, and the scammers are so successful.
  18. Consumer Fraud Reporting – This is a post of the top ten identity theft scams and an explanation of what types of people will fall for these scams and how scammers are rewarded.
  19. The Daily Dollar – This blog specifically talks about phishing, a popular identity theft scam that preys on the victim’s insecurities or stupidity and steps to avoid it.
  20. Sonnica – This is a blog written by an expert in his field that sees identity scams in his profession every day and teaches readers how to avoid them.
  21. Stock Market News – This is a blog about “penny scams,” how they work, who the typical victim is and how to avoid them.
  22. Epic Toon Blog – This is an article with examples of a very widespread identity theft scam related to the World of Warcraft game.
  23. iSlaPent – This is an informative blog about how high income investors are scammed easily and often with Forex identity theft scams.
  24. OK Bar Association – This is a post about check cashing scams, how they work, who is victimized, and why they work.
  25. USPRWire – This is a blog that takes the reader step by step through a fake antivirus identity scam to demonstrate how elaborate it is, who gets scammed, and how to avoid losing your private information.
  26. Vacation Rental Owner Blog – This is a post about what happens when scammers use cash, prizes, and free vacations to lure the unsuspecting into debt with a vacation identity scam.
  27. Smarter Travel – This post is about scams that victimize travelers who are preyed upon for their ignorance and scammed out of their identities, money, and more.
  28. Schneier on Security – This is a blog written by a security pro who takes you through what it is like to be scammed on a social networking site and have your identity stolen.
  29. Suite101 – This is a blog about women who are easily victimized by con men on internet dating websites and lose their identities, money, and sometimes jobs.
  30. WiseBread – This is a personal account of a couple who were victims of identity theft with a credit card scam.
  31. Phoenix New Times – This is an interesting article about a company that is supposed to aid consumers in protection against scams and have been scamming their customers all along.
  32. Quick cash Kit review – This is a post about the author’s experience with the quick cash scams and how they work to get personal information from people.
  33. Financial Highway – This blog gives examples of identity fraud that victimizes people desperate for work or profit and tips on how to spot and avoid them.
  34. Work At Home No Scams – This blog talks about a combination identity theft and reshipping scam that not only makes the victim dumb to fall for but puts them at risk for mail fraud themselves.
  35. Family Matters Blog – This is a blog about the US Army warning its soldiers about an internet romance identity scam that apparently many lonely soldiers and lonely women in the states have fallen for.
  36. Fight Identity Theft – In this story, the victim was just as guilty as the scammer because he scammed his own company to pay the person originating the identity theft.
  37. The Clark Howard Show – The author of this blog has often been used in a variety of identity scams that people have actually fallen for.
  38. MoneySmart Life – In this blog the reasons why people are victims of identity theft and how they get scammed are explained.
  39. A Photo Editor – This is a blog about a scam that the author has come across involving photo editing and the victim‘s identity and money are stolen and no photos are ever processed.
  40. Sileo – This is a blog about a very popular identity theft scam on the social networking site facebook and victimizes application junkies.
  41. The WordPress Wizard – This is a blog about a now famous Facebook “dislike” button scam with examples of how it victimizes your “friends.”
  42. Dumb With Scam – This blog addresses eBay identity theft scams and why people who are too trusting of the service will be victimized.
  43. NewsDaily – This is the story of a man that was scammed of his personal identity and thousands of dollars because he unknowingly signed up with a large scale mortgage scam.
  44. LoveMoney – The author takes a look into his inbox and talks about common identity and phishing scams and how to avoid falling prey.
  45. USAHitman – This post is a personal account of identity theft and how and why he fell victim.
  46. GeekTown – This is a story about common Facebook identity theft scams that are passed around as “likes” and videos and phish for personal information.
  47. Scam.com – This blog allows users to lament about how they have been scammed or almost fell victim to a scam claiming they will be employed from home but really wanted their personal data.

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